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Complex building energy solutions

Our building energy solutions business unit specializes in providing complete energy system upgrades for institutions in the spirit of energy efficiency and energy savings.

To date we have upgraded the entire energy system of public buildings in many cities around the country, and delivered turn-key solutions that involved modernizing building energy systems by using renewable energy sources to our customers.

Elements of upgrading a building energy system:

  • Heating upgrade;
  • Upgrading indoor and outdoor lighting;
  • Replacement of doors and windows;
  • Installation of the necessary insulation;
  • Use of renewable energy sources (e.g. solar thermal collector, solar cells, geothermal energy);
  • Control systems.

Upgrading building energy systems involves the following activities:

  • Review of the institution’s energy systems;
  • All-inclusive design that takes into account customer requirements and best practices;
  • Acquisition of licenses required for the upgrade;
  • Turn-key implementation.