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Corporate Social Responsibility

ELIOS Innovative Inc. believes strongly in promoting its values through Corporate Social Responsibility. The primary focus of our support is on projects where we can employ our specialized know-how to the benefit of our partners. For this purpose we devise support projects which enable a wider acknowledgment and public appreciation of renewable energies and sustainable technologies, while increasing the supported institutions’ self-supporting capabilities and energy efficiency. Besides focusing on sustainable development, we also support programs which empower communities and nurture talent.

Supporting the ELIOS Kispest Women’s Handball Club


It has been an important milestone in ELIOS’ CSR activity to engage with groups and association which focus on advancing young talent, while developing and strengthening local communities at the same time. In this spirit, our company actively supports the Kispest Women’s Handball Club, an association which shares in our deeply held passion for future generations and has done an outstanding job at channeling young talent towards a successful and fulfilling career in sports. We sincerely hope that through our support we can help the team develop its possibilities further and help achieve a promising and successful future for the club.

About the Association

As a member of the Kispest (also known as Honvéd) Group of sports teams, the Kispest Women’s Handball Club is an enthusiastic group on the verge of competing in the highest class premier league of the domestic championship. Professional in their goals and aspirations, the team has built itself a reputation that even its adversaries have come to respect and revere.

The club approaches handball very competitively, with the aim of achieving strong results in each of its several age groups, while at the same time also embracing a wider social mission of popularizing the sport and bringing handball closer to all social strata, in order to lay the foundation for the future of Hungarian handball as a mass sport.

It was in this spirit that ELIOS Kispest NKK started its Child and Spongeball Program. Under the program there are currently 200 children who take part in playful training sessions which we offer daily, along with seasonal summer sports camps. In line with the concept, the yearly Kispest Handball Christmas Party and the Summer Handball Days have become a fun tradition, enjoyed by hundreds of children and their families every year.

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Corporate Social Responsibility