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Thanks to its professional achievements and the outstanding expertise, ELIOS Innovative Energetical Inc. has evolved into one of the most dynamically developing companies of the energy sector in Hungary.

The innovative activities pursued by ELIOS focus on the implementation of investment projects aiming to improve energy efficiency.

The broad scope of the Company’s activities includes:

  • Complete preparation of investment projects aiming to improve energy efficiency;
  • Upgrading energy systems;
  • Providing energy saving measures and energy control;
  • Using renewable energy devices;
  • Introduction of innovative technologies, and
  • Energy investments.

In addition to delivering state-of-the-art solutions, our Company places special emphasis on offering services such as design and consultancy, professional project management and the operation of energy systems.


The primary objective of ELIOS is to ensure that through its operations the Company contributes to the conservation of nature and to achieving a high level of environmental awareness.

To this end, our Company is committed to using environment friendly technologies that represent the most advanced and most cost-efficient solutions in Hungary.

Other goals of our Company include the constant development of our technologies and services through the use of the industry’s and the profession’s best practices while bearing in mind the needs and requirements of our customers at all times, thereby enhancing our performance and competitiveness in the domestic and international market.

What we are proud of

  • Our biggest public lighting modernization project in Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary was Europe’s largest complete city LED street lighting project in 2010-2011 and is listed as a reference project by the European Union.
  • Deployment of new and innovative systems: one of our colleagues has devised a unique system related to building energy solutions enabling the special mounting of thermal insulation boards. This innovative technology offers a solution for the problem of adding thermal insulation to existing light-frame, mostly shed-type, buildings;
  • Improving energy efficiency and achieving significant energy savings throughout Hungary and abroad;
  • The use of unique renewable technologies: installing several solar panel and geothermal power systems;
  • Our professional achievements in the area of social responsibility include founding the Association of Hungarian Solar Power Plants (MNE) and mentoring its efforts, as well as providing support for educational establishments such as the Törökvész Street Primary School.
  • Highly qualified professionals, well-coordinated teamwork, and a dynamically developing and continuously expanding portfolio: thanks to our professional staff, we offer our customers the implementation of complex and turn-key solutions.


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