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ELIOS Innovative’s aim is to provide the highest level of service to our clients at all times, the main elements of which are the following:

  • Energy and cost-effective implementation of projects: due to several years of professional experience, a significant number of outstanding references and intense R&D activities, we are able to provide a high level of energy and cost-efficiency throughout our projects. This is achieved by employing the most advanced and efficient renewable energy resources available.
  • Expertise and complexity, turnkey solutions: our highly-skilled team of 40 professionals ensures quality and success throughout our projects. Our engineers possess extensive and wide-ranging experience, along with a broad partner network, which guarantees high quality and effective realization of our projects, from surveying and measuring, through implementation to monitoring.
  • Best price and warranty: our extensive domestic and international professional and commercial network enables us to offer attractive prices coupled with a reliable warranty scheme. As a consequence, we can ensure that our customers always get the best quality products with competitive pricing and a dependable warranty.

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