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Public lighting

The modernization of public lighting has become the key to sustainable development. Nowadays, more and more cities carry out the modernization of their public lighting in the world consequently, including such world cities as New York, Los Angeles or Edinburgh, Venice.

Hungary stands at the forefront of LED lighting technology modernization, as beside Budapest more rural cities also place great emphasis on renewal and energy saving lighting installations. All these modernizations have been implemented by Elios Innovative, including Europe's largest LED street lighting project in Hodmezovasarhely (2010-2011).

Our public lighting division is one of our most prominent and most diverse business segments because of its outstanding results and references.

Key features of the division:

  • The use of the most modern and economical LED technologies
  • Energy saving rate of 40-65%;
  • Standard lighting solutions = natural daylight color rendering in the night;
  • Improvement of uniformity (200%) and of brightness quality (50%);
  • Tungsram-Schreder and General Electric authorised distributors;
  • Outstanding R&D activity = use of our expertise and experience in the development of manufacturers’ products.